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 Healing Experience

About the Healings 

For all of the healings I facilitate, the client is seated in a comfortable chair in my templated healing space in Tranquility Lodge.  

The procedures are divined, and run etherically. There is no physical touch involved. 

An essence will also be channelled through for each healing to support the process.

An intutive reading comes through during the healing process, revealing any blockages or distortions that need to be cleared.  These can be discussed after the session, and either  in person during the face to face healing, or spoken about via telephone.

Absentee healings will be recorded and sent via MP3 or CD.

Beyond Doorways 1 Healing

Transference Healing® “Mini” frequency healing

This healing brings in a very unique frequency, and it is ideal for those who feel stuck, or for those who would like to “feel the energy”. 

It has a different vibration to a full Transference Healing®, it works more with the light body. 

Face to Face:  1 hour  - €55.

Beyond Doorways Level 1 & 2 Full Healing

This healing brings in a very unique frequency, and it is ideal for those who feel stuck, or for those who have  specific light body symptoms that are not clearing with other energies. As humans we are made up of many layers. Around every cell in our body there is an electromagnetic field, science will tell you this. This field needs to be strong to ensure our immune systems work more effectively and we stay in good health. This procedure is specifically for this. As a Transference Healing therapist I will know intuitively if this is the procedure that will suit you best.

Face to Face or Absentee: 1½ hours to 2 hour duration  - €110.

Healing with Alchemy and Beyond Doorways 1 combined.

Alexis brought our the healing with alchemy set 4 year ago because she knew that people would be finding life more intense on one level or another. She was inspired to create it while in a meditative state, she experienced a vision that revealed how powerful these alchemical symbols were becoming. She came to see how important alchemy would become as an instrument of global healing. Her deepest wish is to see pain and suffering transmute as more evolving souls clear genetic restriction from themselves and their family line. Again if a client asked me to recommend a healing I would always divine. The energy decides what you need  whether alchemy, light body work, a family healing perhaps, I do not decide. The alchemy stones used in this healing are very powerful, combined with the light body work can release deep seated issues, profound work. 

Face to Face : 90 to 120 minutes  . €110 

One to One Transference Healing®

This healing is a full Advanced Level healing and contains alchemy and light body work, making it ideal for anyone who feels they are stuck in some way, and can’t move on, for those who are struggling with health, physical or emotional issues, and for anyone who would like to begin to work with their ascension.  It is recommended to have a fortnightly healing until balance is achieved, and then a monthly session is recommended. Receiving ongoing regular Transference Healing allows deep emotional, spiritual or physical wounding to heal from within, we can work with the “cause” of the dis-ease. Inner child pain, karmic and genetic distortions can be cleared to allow you to have better health, awareness and wellness.

Face to face or Absentee:  1½ to 2 hours, €110.


Transference Healing® for Children, up to age 16

Children respond very well and quickly to Transference Healing® as they are very connected to the earth and cosmic healing energies.  Our children and grandchildren were born with a different template.  As a Transference Healing® practitioner, I see it is my job to help the children and educate the parents in ways to keep their children happier and healthier. The children are more evolved than us older beings, their senses are more open, they feel, sense, hear, know things that are un explainable. They can be so sensitive to their environments that they need the energy of Transference to keep them balanced emotionally and physically.  

Absentee Only: 1 ½ to 2 hours- €95.

Family Transference Healings

This option is for families who feel that there are particular issues that need to be resolved, this could include karmic relationships that need to be healed. There may be abusive or negative behaviors, unexplained misfortune, genetic disorders, unhappiness, bad health, bad luck.

By working both energetically and consciously with a family’s core wounding [ possibly ancestral ] issues can be brought to the forefront providing clarity, understanding and resolution allowing family members to get on with their lives unhindered by the past.

Absentee Only:  Minimum 3 people @  € 85 per person.

Payment for Family Healing can be done through my PayPal account, bank transfer or bank draft .Thank you.