Nora Creed

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About Nora

It is time to look at my bio again, It is now 2022 and I have changed, grown in awareness, in consciousness thank God. I don't judge myself as harshly anymore and as I learn more about myself my judgement of others has reduced dramatically. There is more peace in my life and my heart has softened. Life is good and with the help of my guides and the energies from the Universe all obstacles are overcome for the highest good of all concerned.
 It was back in 1992 it all began. I asked  God, what is this life all about?  “There must be more to life than this...working five days a week, mother of two children, wife and homemaker.” 

I felt physically tired, even as a child I was always tired, I felt different to everyone else.  I had no sense of belonging in my own family of birth.  I developed my own coping mechanisms and masks to protect myself.  I now realize that as a child I was  very sensitive and lived  in a constant state of, fear, stress and worry unknown to myself.

The Spiritual Beginning

I truly began  by practicing Reiki in 2004 and eventually began to teach it to others.  I was very enthusiastic about it as it energized me and made life a little easier.  As with all journeys, little by little I felt guided to do more.  Following on from Reiki, I completed courses in Massage, Bowen until I finally found what I was looking for in 2011, “Hallalulya”.  I really have to honor these vital steps before the energy of Transference as without them I would not have got this far .[ this Transference energy and frequencies ticked all my boxes, continues to answer my questions.and I really get it ].

It was back in 2011 that panic struck me, I realized that I couldn't feel, I was numb, my grand children were on the way and I realized that they would be effected in some way by my lack of feeling if I didn't do something about it. I was terrified.

I was always asking the question why am I always on my own, this lack of feeling, no feeling of sadness or joy, not able to cry, no real connection to people including family and believe it or not I laughed alot. I was living on my own then, on my own in every sense of the word. Even though I had been like this all my life I knew at this stage that I was missing out on so much. All the previous years healings, work on my inner self had brought me to this point. When both my parents died in the same year I felt nothing. That same year I left my home and family of 28 years, walked away and never looked back. I didn't sense or feel my family's pain, their loss. I couldn't feel my own pain, my own loss.

I had a huge sense of desperation to find the answer to my numbness as the twins had now arrived, I had to do something about it, I also realized that I had felt very little pain in my body, ever. I was so disconnected from myself that I didn't feel physical pain. It was crisis time......

I feel very emotional now about all those years of feeling nothing but couldn't feel it then. I was clinical, lacking emotion, a doer trying to fix everybody.

I screamed at the universe for help, I was stuck. I got this far and now I had to take the next step. A friend suggested that we should learn this new energy healing. I had never heard of it and for no reason at all I felt that I should do it. I remember being the same way before I learned how to do Reiki. I booked a healing with a lady in England and I knew straight away that this was for me, even though I coudn't feel I had a very strong inner knowing, always had. I continued to have monthly absentee healings and little by little I began to change. I couldn't get enough of it. I connected with my beautiful grand children, I knew they connected with me. If I could connect to these little people I knew that I would eventually connect to my own children, my own family.

I did my very first workshop  in Cork in 2011, Child of Light. This procedure I ran diligently on myself to heal my own inner child pain . By then I realized that my own very sensitive children, adults then, were indigos and I had a healing tool to run on them as they navigated  through life's ups and downs. It helped me to sleep at night when I knew that my children were rocking from their huge sensitivity to their environments. 

Over the next six years I committed to my self healing, added more tools to my belt, more workshops, more powerful healing procedures to heal me and my children. I learned to stay true to myself so that I was not always becoming depleted. There is a line of energy that flows between a mother and a child.  Children heal when mother heals.  I invested in myself at every moment and slowly but surely lifted the suppressed emotions that caused the numbness and continue to do so. I did workshops , revisions, I run energy daily to open me up for the day and receive help from the divine to clear the fear, the pain and open up my heart to evolve emotionally. I had as many healings with my teacher as I could possibly afford. I flew to England every two years to get upgrades in the energy to heal more. I turned my home into a temple by cleansing it with sage and introducing high vibrational artifacts,  that keeps it at a high frequency to help me feel good.

I have changed. How do I know...I cried all the ways through writing this.

Looking at me now.

People say to me today you look so peaceful and I can say with my hand on my heart I feel calm inside.

The numbness has lessened.

I inspire people to change.

Clients have walked away and a weight has lifted from their shoulders, physical pain has eased, they feel lighter and they have more courage to do what they need to do.

I run workshops to give clients procedures to run on themselves to self heal and also heal their families.

I run meditations and group healings to help clients heal.

I run children's group healings to help release the stress that they pick up from their environments which impacts their emotional and physical health.

I see myself today and clients see me, I am no longer hidden. 

One of my biggest missions is to help mothers by giving them procedures to run on themselves and their sensitive children. 

When mother heals so do the children. I know it to be true.

The Proof is in the Pudding.

I have over the years used the energy tools of Transference on my grandchildren to create change. I vividly remember my twin grandchildren going to a neighbor's, child's birthday party. Not long after wards my grandaughter returned crying uncontrollably, in overwhelm. It was all too much for her and her fear was exasperated for her brother, who stayed over. The uncontrollable crying got the better of me after a while. I ran a bit of energy on her and after ten minutes she became calm and returned to the party and had a great evening. 

By running the energy this created a change in the way she was feeling, lifting the fear , the overwhelm. My little grandaughter had walked into a house full of children, into the excitement, into other children's energy fields and she got a shock. 

Oh,  and by the way it is now 2020 and I have another beautiful grand daughter, she is five months old, love her just as much as the other two.


For anyone who is reading this, ..I have something magical to offer you.

When we decide from our hearts (deep within us) that something has to change, something is no longer acceptable and there is a knowing, a feeling that there has to be more than this....then you are half ways there, a veil has lifted, freedom is on the horizon. We need to change often to expand and ascend into who we are meant to be.  Transference Healing® is the way I have found to do this.  If you feel drawn to this site or my words resonate with you, please give me a call.   Best of luck on your  journey, wherever it takes you...