Nora Creed

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Before Your Healing

What To Know Before Attending Your First Healing.

Once an appointment is confirmed via  txt or email the healing energy starts to run, the healing has begun. Certain things could possibly happen to you before you get to your first appointment, for may find everything gets intensified, you may become unwell and feel there are a lot of things conspiring against you to prevent you from attending the session, a child may become ill. If any of these things happen it does not mean that you are not meant to come, it just means that the energy is starting to work. It is what we call a purification process to prepare you for when you get here you will be  ready to receive what you need. Don't worry if none of these things happen or if all of these things happen the response is perfect, we are all different. It is important not to cancel as the healing has started, you have made a contract with the universe, you have taken responsibility, you have started a process and it needs to be finished.

What to Expect After A Healing

The healing will create change within your mind, body, soul. There will be some sort of release, an off load,  whether you are aware of it or not. For some it could mean you may get overwhelmed emotionally, for others diarrhoea or possibly you could feel nauseous or exhausted. Don't worry there is nothing wrong it is perfect, it is a clearing, something is shifting so that once completed you will feel better, feel different. Please have faith that whatever happens is meant to happen. You wanted a change and this is the way the transformation can occur. None of these symptoms may occur. Sometimes physical pain disappears or problems are solved in ways that you would have never imagined. I highly recommend weekly salt baths.

If you are concerned about anything at this stage please send me an email. Of course the more healings you receive the more will be released resulting in lessening the struggle, lowering the anxiety opening you up for the new to enter, expanded awareness, better health, more happiness, life flowing with you instead of against you.

Like I said don't hesitate to send me an email if you are worried about something in relation to the healing.