Nora Creed

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March 18th -  Group Healing

Full moon and Spring Equinox 

Activation and Meditation 

April 16th - Workshop
Dragon Power Workshop
Themes of Easter, Death and Rebirth

May 16 th - Group Healing.

Bealtaine Activation Meditation adult group healing.

Free Child of Light group healing for the children.

Grow with Activation and Healing.

May 29th -  Workshop

Child of Light

Support Yourself and Your Child 

May 30th - Group Events

Absentee Alchemy Meditation.

St. Joan of Arc

Courage and Strength. Faith and Trust.

June 14 th - Group Healing.

Strawberry moon.

Group Healing and Activation/ Meditation

June 19 th   -  Outdoor Group Event.

Summer Solstice gathering at Hill of Tara

Balance, healing and Light 

July 13 - Group Event.

Buck Supermoon Group Healing and Alchemy Meditation.

July 22nd - Group Healing 

Mary Magdalene Feast Day

Raven Power Activation/Meditation

July 23rd, 24th  - Workshops

Beyond Doorways level 1 - July 23rd 

Beyond Doorways Level 2 - July 24th

Learn to run powerful healing procedures 

August 7th - Workshop

Animal Magic 

Lions Gateway Energy 

August 12th - Group Healing.

Sturgeon Moon .

Group Healing and Activation/ Meditation

August Date TBC - Group Healing

 Absentee Group Healing for Children

Sweet Healing Magic For Your Little Ones

September 8th Group Events

Goddess Mother Mary 

Embody The Attributes Of This Powerful Goddess

September 10 th - Group Events.

Corn Harvest Moon.

Absentee Alchemy/Meditation

September 22nd - Group Healing 

Autumn Equinox, Activation Meditation

Embrace Your True Power

Oct 1 st Animal Magic - Workshop

Recognise your emotional state.

Oct 21 st, 22 nd, 23 rd - Workshop

Fundamental Training

Go Deep - Experience Change

October 9 th - Group Event.
Hunters Moon.

November 8 th - Group Healing.

Beaver Moon

Group Healing and Activation/ Meditation.

December 8 th - Group Events.

Cold Moon.


December 12th - Group Healing 

12/12 Energies

Sacred Times

Dec 21st - Outdoor Group Event 

Winter Solstice Event at a Sacred Site

More information to follow