Nora Creed

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Calendar 2023.

Feb 1 st Group Events.

Goddess Brigid Event.

Learning to let go.

February 14

St Valentines Day.Group Events

Feel the love.

March 5 th Group Events

A new beginning like no other.

Learning to love thyself.[ 4 week healing programme ].

Mar 19 th Group Events
Spring Equinox Event at Cashelkeelty Stone Circles [ down Beara way].

April 8 th Workshops

Child of Light.

May 30 th 

St. Joan of Arc's Feast Day.

June 3 rd, 4 th Workshops

Beyond Doorways Level 1 and Level 2.

June 21 st Group Events

Summer Solstice.

June 24 th

St. John the Baptiste Feast Day.

July 22 nd Workshops

Dragon Power Workshop.

Mary Magdalen's Feast Day

August 8 th

Lions Gateway.

Sep 2 nd Workshops

Hold you light with the Holding Power of Light..

Sep 8 th

Celebrating Mother Mary's Birthday.

Sep 23 rd

Autumn Equinox.

Sep 29 th.

Archangel Michaels Feast Day.

Oct 7 th Workshops

Animal Magic Workshop

November 3rd, 4th, 5th Workshops.

Fundamental Training.

Dec 22 nd.

Winter Solstice.