Nora Creed

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March 18th -  Group Healing

Full moon and Spring Equinox 

Activation and Meditation 

April 16th - Workshop
Dragon Power Workshop
Themes of Easter, Death and Rebirth

May 16 th - Group Healing.

Bealtaine Activation Meditation adult group healing.

Free Child of Light group healing for the children.

Grow with Activation and Healing.

May 29th -  Workshop

Child of Light

Support Yourself and Your Child 

May 30th - Group Healing

St. Joan of Arc

Courage and Strength

June 20th  - Group Event.

Summer Solstice at a Sacred site.

Balance and Light 

July 22nd - Group Healing 

Mary Magdalene Feast Day

Raven Power Meditation

July 23rd, 24th  - Workshops

Beyond Doorways level 1 - July 23rd 

Beyond Doorways Level 2 - July 24th

Learn to run powerful healing procedures 

August 7th - Workshop

Animal Magic 

Lions Gateway Energy 

August Date TBC - Group Healing

 Absentee Group Healing for Children

Sweet Healing Magic For Your Little Ones

September 8th -  Workshop

Goddess Mother Mary 

Embody The Attributes Of This Powerful Goddess

September 22nd - Group Healing 

Autumn Equinox, Activation Meditation

Embrace Your True Power

September 30th - October 2nd - Workshop

Fundamental Training

Go Deep - Experience Change

December 12th - Group Healing 

12/12 Energies

Sacred Times

Dec 21st - Outdoor Group Event 

Winter Solstice Event at a Sacred Site

More information to follow