Nora Creed

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The New Children

Children Of The Light

Do you have one or two of these new children ?

Children of the light use more of their brain than us older beings, they were born that way. They are born with a whole new template and have been coming in since the nineties.  They are very truthful, wise beyond their years, technologically some are  very advanced and they simply cannot be manipulated by our old ways of ruling with control and fear.   But even though they are evolved even gifted in some area, they may have a diagnosis, they still need our help, guidance and understandingThrough receiving the energies of Transference Healing®, through meditations, workshops or healing, they are able to integrate into this dense world with more ease,   I believe the real truth is actually that the Children of the Light are showing us the new way to be humans being rather than humans doing.   They are full of love light and truth.

As parents, we all want our children to believe in themselves and their ability to achieve anything they wish.

If as children we could learn to still our minds - and tap into the beautiful energies that are all around us, we could flourish beyond recognition. We could hold onto our innocence and light. In our world today where the main emphasis is on “What we have” instead of “who we really are inside” we are drawn further away from that natural ability to flourish. Through my experience of being a grandparent, and extensive training, I have the passion and wisdom to support all children to fly and be truly free.

A Healing For Your Child 
Crystal children [ the sensitive ones ] are highly attuned to energy and are impacted by it. It is important they learn to clear and protect their energy fields by working with crystals.
The Child of Light procedure will help anchor your children into the crystal core of the earth allowing him/her to feel safe.
Go to Workshops page for more information regarding Child of Light procedure.

Learn How To Support Your Child 

I  run Child of light workshops on a regular basis to give parents a procedure to run on their children when they are in overwhelm, hyperactive, in fear, worried, anxious, depressed, fretful, unwell emotionally or physically etc,. This amazing tool will change the way your child is feeling, lift the unease and return them to being happy, healthy, more focused children with better concentration. You can also run it on yourself to heal your own inner child pain. The children sense this and respond very positively.

Find out more information about this workshop here.