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Group Events 

Autumn Equinox, Activation Meditation, 22/9/21.

The Equinox a time of equal day and night, a time to retreat and go inward. It is an opportunity to grow and expand in consciousness. As we become silent and rest we are allowing our greater vision to emerge.

I had an AHA moment this week, you know those times when you know something on a deeper level, something you cannot hide from, a reality shift. My awareness and inner knowing of the power of the light that is flooding into this planet has grown. Call it universal light, God light, energy, it doesn't matter it  sustains our life force here on planet earth. Lets call it our source of fuel but now there is more of it.

We have been in a cycle of reincarnation for thousands of years, meeting our families in different roles who have chosen to be with us so that we can grow emotionally and have a more expanded consciousness. This hasn't been very productive for many of us as it was a very slow process of learning because we didn't have enough light. Our upper chakras were not being utilised, not turned on so the light couldn't come in. We have now released enough  fear from the collective through what is playing out on the earth plane at this moment to be able to receive more of this light into our many intricate systems, bodies.

The Light is coded for our expansion so that we can be  happier, healthier, live a life of joy and love with purpose and deeper connection to all there is, free from fear and lack.
Since 1999 especially, we have been getting ready for this flood of awakening light to enter our earth and bodies.
We are so ready for it now. We are able to absorb this Divine feminine light and grow physically/emotionally/mentally/spiritually.
This extra light is also helping us to manifest at a very fast rate. It was the missing link for our manifestation process up to now, we were just in survival mode.

Have you noticed the synchronicities, you think of someone and they ring soon after.
You ask a question in your mind and you have the answer in a few days.
You think of a family member you haven't seen in a while, talk to them in your mind and you get a phone call from them a few days later wanting to meet up.
We are connecting on a a deeper level to ourselves and others.
We are connecting on a stronger level to this healing light.

The fog is disappearing, the veils are lifting from our eyes as we release the fear whether you are aware of it or not. The fear appears in many different guises, exhaustion, anger, pain release, depression, confusion, brain fog, frustration, lethargy, conflict etc. The light codes of change that are flooding in are replacing the fear that has been released and creating positive change.

The message is loud and clear..We create our own reality by the way we think. If we think lack we will get lack. If we think and feel abundance we will manifest abundance. The difference now is that we have to trust in the light, the light is flipping everything from what I can see, diverting storms at the last minute to appointing heart based people to managerial positions, finding the perfect house in the perfect place at the perfect time.
Yes you may say ..that is not what I see.
What we focus on grows.
If you focus on the light, talk to it,  read about it, pray to the beings of light, stay in the light, be with light people, be out in nature, then you will attract more love and light into your life.
If you focus on the news and all the things that appear to be going wrong then you will attract negative people and situations and only see what is wrong.

This light is taking care of everything, the dismantling of old structures and ideas on the outside and the dismantling of old thought patterns, traumas etc. inside of us.

With all this in mind I am offering an Activation Meditation on the 22nd, the Powerful Autumn Equinox to help release a though pattern, ideas embedded in your subconscious mind that has been preventing you from accessing your true power. The light through the healings, meditation is much more powerful now than it used to be. The light is stronger and we are all more open to receive it so that change can happen more rapidly.

Have a think about what you would like to change in your life. 

You will be included in a Free  Absentee Child of Light healing on the 21 st, a Group Transference Healing and activation meditation on the 22 nd. In the meditation we will travel with Merlin and receive a gift, travel through a sacred site to be connected to the light for healing and transformation.
I will record the meditation and reading of the healing and send it to your inbox afterwards. 


Please email/message me to book or if you would like more information.

How to pay..With PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Exciting times.


Free Absentee Group Healing for Children on 6 th Aug.

Book your children/grandchildren into this Free Event before 5 pm on the 5 th Aug.

I am giving back.

This healing is to stabalise and anchor the new sensitive little ones into the earth grid which provides them with the fuel they need to create more peace, motivation and better health.

I will record the healing, any insights that came through and send it to you in an mp3 or cd. You will also receive a separate meditation that you and your children/grandchildren can listen to over and over to create peace of mind  and relaxation.

Message or email me for more details at or Nora Creed Transference Healing [facebook].


Lions Gateway Event Sun 8/8/21. 

It has been a long time coming this date in our calendar.
Every year the Sirian Light codes come pouring in to help us evolve into who we are meant to be. Never ever before have these changing light codes been so potent.
Have you felt the changes within ?.
Do you feel different ?.
Have you a knowing inside that now is the time to create change, follow through with that plan, go and do whatever it is that has been coming into your mind for so long.
Maybe you are just bored and tired and this is perfect too, all part of the dismantling on the inside before the change..

Only you know what your true hearts desire is and you know deep down that you have to take that leap of faith and believe in miracles. Have faith that the prompting from within is your soul calling you to take action on some level. This yearning for change is bubbling up to the surface and all you have to do is be willing and allow the forces to guide you, give you the courage to take that first step.

I had been thinking for days what to write about this astrological alignment and of it's powerful significance. The 3 cards I divined were perfect to explain this amazing opportunity. The phoenix is telling us literally that we are rising up out of the ashes, coming into our true power, opening up our hearts on a deeper level but of course that may feel like wading through treacle as the old fades away. Pele is asking us to be honest with ourselves and ask what is our hearts true desire and put it out there, set it in motion and the miracle card says it all.

[The 8/8/2021 Lions Gate Portal indicates accelerated ascension and  is marked by an alignment between the Earth and the star Sirius, in the astrological sign of Leo (the Lion).]

To fully help you take advantage of this amazing time on our planet in the year of 2021 I have a very Special Healing Offer.

Investment in yourself..€50.
You will be included in..
In Absentee form only.
A Group Fundamental and Advanced healing with alchemy meditation from my templated space to help you embody what came through on 8/8/21
Free Child of Light Healing  anchoring  participants into the Gaia Grid the evening before, 7/8/21, to create a more profound healing effect somewhere within your mind /body, circumstances in your reality.
Plus Free Circle of Fire on 9 th Aug to clear from the astral plane what has been released in the healing to allow you to move forward with that plan, idea, change that you wish to make.

It's a kick start to the next chapter of your life, your health, future.

I will record the reading of the healing on the 8/8 plus the meditations on two separate mp3's or cd's and send them to you.
[€3 extra for posting and packaging of cd's.]

How to Pay..With PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Please email / message me to book or if you need more information.
Kind Regards.

Bealtaine heart activation/meditation at the sacred site of Uisneach.
Wed May 5 th.[ In the etheric ].

Bealtaine is the time when Mother Earth awakens from her Winter slumber, she is getting ready to birth anew, bring forth her bounty. The ancient ones knew that honouring her at this time with festivities, dancing, sacred ritual and intent played a huge part in how she would respond. These ancient civilisations knew that Mother Earth and humanity were divinely connected, they worked together, they spoke to one another.

Come with me into the etheric to the sacred site of Uisneach in Co. Westmeath and experience a healing activation through meditation.
The first time I visited this site was in May 2019, the Fire Festival and it blew my mind. I connected with it instantly, memories were awakened in me of ancient gridding techniques used in past lifetimes. I love sacred sites and now I know why. When we visit a site in person or in meditation the sites sacredness, it's hidden mysticism, it's holiness comes up to meet us. You come with me to honour her at Bealtaine and the Goddess within the earth acknowledges your calling. She always responds by pouring forth her blessings, her bounty of sacred healing energy.
The energy will create change within you in some way. 
Maybe you have a loved one who is unwell or a relationship which is causing unease, you are worried.
Is your career not feeding your soul anymore ?.
Is there something taking your peace away ?.
Come with an intension and allow the energy of Uisneach at this powerful time of Bealtaine create ripples of healing, change in your circumstances, in your mind allowing more peace and ease into your reality.
Humanity is experiencing huge changes on this planet right now and every time we connect with Mother Earth and ask her for assistance she will respond. All she wants us to do is turn up and she will do the rest.
We will sink deeply into her site during the meditation and listen to her message, her words of wisdom.

Chiefs from Native American tribes have spoken reverentially of Uisneach and the powers of the divine feminine stirring within her sacred Irish soil.
I will connect to Uisneach on 5 th May at 9.30pm, Wed night, call your energy in and record the activation/meditation. Participants will receive the recordings in their inboxes on Thursday morning.
Tune in if you wish at 9.30 pm light a candle, call your guides in and bathe in the energy of change and the healing of the heart chakra..

Cost €65.
Recordings will also be available on cd [€3 extra for posting and packaging of cd, in Ireland.]
How to Pay..With PayPal or Bank Transfer.
Please contact me to book or if you need more information.
Thank you.
Kind Regards.

Summer Solstice Event, Grange stone circle, Lough Gur, Co. Limerick, June 21 st 2021..

Join us in sacred ceremony at 11.30 am to welcome in the Summer, connect to the portal in the stone circle and be open to receive a gift from her. Come with an intention and allow the energy of the site to open a pathway of change for you in your reality. Ask for healing for yourself or a loved one and be open to connect and receive a message through meditation, ritual and intent.

The ancients of old left these very powerful gateways for us to connect to other worlds to help us evolve into who we are meant to be, assisting us in our ascension. There is quite a strong sense of dragon energy at the site which will help us to become more empowered.[and we can all do with more of that.]

I will record the meditation and ceremony on the day, send it to your inbox as an mp3 [or cd, €3 extra for posting and packaging of cd in Ireland].

If you cannot attend in person, not to worry as I can send the recording to your inbox and you will receive the very same healing. There is no time or distance with energy, it's all about intent. I have gridding codes from past times which are activated and I can bring you with me in the etheric to receive your own codes of transformation.

Please contact me to book or if you would like more information.

We will be starting at 11.30 and finishing at 1.30 approximately. Please wear suitable clothing for the event. There is a visitors centre near the lake where you can get a coffee and a snack.

It's a beautiful neolithic sacred site and very well maintained with many different aspects to it. You would have no problem spending the day visiting the church, tomb, visitors centre etc. 


Please be in touch to book or if you would like more information. 

Monthly Group Alchemy Healing. 

Healing and meditations to help you surrender to the Divine Feminine and just be.                 7.30 to 9.30 GMT.           

Create big changes, have a better more fulfilled life with the energy of Transference Healing ®.

Come and join me this Friday night in absentee form only for the monthly group healing session. We will go deeper into ourselves through meditation and healing, release and let go of something, perhaps make a realization, create change for the better in some way that impacts how we feel, how we view the world and ultimately impact our emotional and physical health in a powerful way. Allow the energy of the healing and meditation to take you out of your body, surrendering and letting go to restore your energy and quit your mind. A struggle may be lessened, a freeing up of an emotional burden can occur, a circumstance can change. 

Great news...You do not have to be present, you can join in absentee and receive the same healing impact. I will call your energy in and send you a a cd or mp3  of what came through. If you wish for the duration you may lie down, light a candle and be in receptive mode. Whether you lie down or not you will still receive the same benefit. 

Where: Absentee only.

When: 7.30 to 9.30pm, Next date . .27 th Aug. 

Cost €40.

Free Event
''Meditation and an introduction to Transference Healing ® ''.
Next Free event date to be decided.

Would you like to create big changes in your health, career, relationships ?.

Would you like to help your sensitive children, release anxiety, lessen hyperactivity, have better night sleep, eliminate bed wetting ?.

You will on the night have the opportunity to experience an alchemy meditation and a chance to book in for a  Transference Healing ®  session at a super reduced rate.

Booking essential.

Christmas gifts.

Beyond Doorways Book, The Mysteries revealed by Alexis Cartwright,
This  book is very relevant for the changes in our bodies and consciousness that we are experiencing right now.  It will support you to let go of old ways of being and see a bigger, brighter, more expanded version of our existence here on earth. It will support you to release density and fear. Chapter 4 [self help techniques for healing] gives short, simple, practical procedures the you can run on yourself and your family to reduce stress and feel more at ease no matter what is playing out. 
Not to worry if you become altered and fall asleep after reading a few pages or have no idea what you have read. This is pretty normal when reading high vibrational books, the information is re templating at a subconscious level and creating change for the better.
Cost €62 Price includes postage and packaging[ within Ireland.]
Child of Light Meditation Book and cards.
For the parent who would like to do meditations with your children.
Allow your child to pick a card and find the meditation relevant to the card in the book. As you read the short simple meditations you will be creating change within yourself and your child,
The Horse meditation will support your child to release feelings of anger and frustration as well as the need to rebel allowing a peaceful night sleep to follow.
The Temple meditation will support you and your little one to clear feelings of loss which can cause irritation and overwhelm. It helps release anxiety and concern for family, loved one and the world at large.
The meditations are as good for parents as they are for children.
Cost.€50 price includes postage and packaging in Ireland.
Child of Light Meditation CD.
This cd has 7 of the meditations from the Book with Alexis's high vibrational voice. Listen to these with your children, they vary in length from 10 to 20 minutes and be open to change.
Cost €26 Price includes postage and packaging in Ireland. 
A 3 card mini spread from the Animal Magic Deck by Alexis Cartwright.
Giving clarity and guidance into why you may be feeling the way you are feeling and a rough map to point a way forward, releasing unease and allowing flow into your life.
Cost €50 for 30 minutes reading by phone followed by an mp3 to support.
Alchemy Healing through meditation.
I will divine 5 alchemy symbols from 28 specific to you, guided by spirit and create a meditation that you can listen to in your own time. It will help release tension from your body and worry from your inner mind creating peace and calm and a feeling of renewal. 
I have found that after working on myself with the Alchemy stones the  fear I was feeling diminished so much that I realised it was totally irrational but very real at the time. After the meditation very often, a solution is revealed. We sabotage ourselves unknowingly. 
Testimonial '' I felt so tired and unmotivated till I lay down and listened to the Alchemy meditation. After 25 minutes  I felt refreshed and alive ready to take on the day. It was like a weight had lifted from me. '' 
It will eventually run out of energy but can be listened to over and over . You will know when it is done.
Cost €50.

Please email me if you would like more information on any of the above.

How to pay..With Bank Transfer or PayPal.

Thank You,
Kind Regards.