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Group Events 

Bealtaine heart activation/meditation at the sacred site of Uisneach.
Wed May 5 th.[ In the etheric ].

Bealtaine is the time when Mother Earth awakens from her Winter slumber, she is getting ready to birth anew, bring forth her bounty. The ancient ones knew that honouring her at this time with festivities, dancing, sacred ritual and intent played a huge part in how she would respond. These ancient civilisations knew that Mother Earth and humanity were divinely connected, they worked together, they spoke to one another.

Come with me into the etheric to the sacred site of Uisneach in Co. Westmeath and experience a healing activation through meditation.
The first time I visited this site was in May 2019, the Fire Festival and it blew my mind. I connected with it instantly, memories were awakened in me of ancient gridding techniques used in past lifetimes. I love sacred sites and now I know why. When we visit a site in person or in meditation the sites sacredness, it's hidden mysticism, it's holiness comes up to meet us. You come with me to honour her at Bealtaine and the Goddess within the earth acknowledges your calling. She always responds by pouring forth her blessings, her bounty of sacred healing energy.
The energy will create change within you in some way. 
Maybe you have a loved one who is unwell or a relationship which is causing unease, you are worried.
Is your career not feeding your soul anymore ?.
Is there something taking your peace away ?.
Come with an intension and allow the energy of Uisneach at this powerful time of Bealtaine create ripples of healing, change in your circumstances, in your mind allowing more peace and ease into your reality.
Humanity is experiencing huge changes on this planet right now and every time we connect with Mother Earth and ask her for assistance she will respond. All she wants us to do is turn up and she will do the rest.
We will sink deeply into her site during the meditation and listen to her message, her words of wisdom.

Chiefs from Native American tribes have spoken reverentially of Uisneach and the powers of the divine feminine stirring within her sacred Irish soil.
I will connect to Uisneach on 5 th May at 9.30pm, Wed night, call your energy in and record the activation/meditation. Participants will receive the recordings in their inboxes on Thursday morning.
Tune in if you wish at 9.30 pm light a candle, call your guides in and bathe in the energy of change and the healing of the heart chakra..

Cost €65.
Recordings will also be available on cd [€3 extra for posting and packaging of cd, in Ireland.]
How to Pay..With PayPal or Bank Transfer.
Please contact me to book or if you need more information.
Thank you.
Kind Regards.

Summer Solstice Event, Grange stone circle, Lough Gur, Co. Limerick, June 21 st 2021..

Join us in sacred ceremony at 11.30 am to welcome in the Summer, connect to the portal in the stone circle and be open to receive a gift from her. Come with an intention and allow the energy of the site to open a pathway of change for you in your reality. Ask for healing for yourself or a loved one and be open to connect and receive a message through meditation, ritual and intent.

The ancients of old left these very powerful gateways for us to connect to other worlds to help us evolve into who we are meant to be, assisting us in our ascension. There is quite a strong sense of dragon energy at the site which will help us to become more empowered.[and we can all do with more of that.]

I will record the meditation and ceremony on the day, send it to your inbox as an mp3 [or cd, €3 extra for posting and packaging of cd in Ireland].

If you cannot attend in person, not to worry as I can send the recording to your inbox and you will receive the very same healing. There is no time or distance with energy, it's all about intent. I have gridding codes from past times which are activated and I can bring you with me in the etheric to receive your own codes of transformation.

Please contact me to book or if you would like more information.

We will be starting at 11.30 and finishing at 1.30 approximately. Please wear suitable clothing for the event. There is a visitors centre near the lake where you can get a coffee and a snack.

It's a beautiful neolithic sacred site and very well maintained with many different aspects to it. You would have no problem spending the day visiting the church, tomb, visitors centre etc. 


Please be in touch to book or if you would like more information. 

Monthly Group Alchemy Healing. 

This month we will call in St Joan of Arc's energy on her feast day, Sun May 30 th at 7.30 pm GMT .

Create big changes, have a better more fulfilled life with the energy of Transference Healing ®.

Come and join me this Sunday night in absentee form only for the monthly group healing session. We will go deeper into ourselves through meditation and healing, release and let go of something, perhaps make a realization, create change for the better in some way that impacts how we feel, how we view the world and ultimately impact our emotional and physical health in a powerful way. A struggle may be lessened, a freeing up of an emotional burden can occur, a circumstance can change. Allow blessed Joan of Arc to help you stand more in your power. We will pull in her bravery and courage to the healing circle which will propel us forward and assist us to stand in our own loving truth.

Great news...You do not have to be present, you can join in absentee and receive the same healing impact. I will call your energy in and send you a a cd or mp3  of what came through. If you wish for the duration you may lie down, light a candle and be in receptive mode. Whether you lie down or not you will still receive the same benefit. 

Where: Absentee only.

When: 7.30 to 9.30pm, Next date Sun  May 30 th. 

Cost €40.

Free Event
''Meditation and an introduction to Transference Healing ® ''.
Next Free event date to be decided.

Would you like to create big changes in your health, career, relationships ?.

Would you like to help your sensitive children, release anxiety, lessen hyperactivity, have better night sleep, eliminate bed wetting ?.

You will on the night have the opportunity to experience an alchemy meditation and a chance to book in for a  Transference Healing ®  session at a super reduced rate.

Booking essential.