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Group Events 

 Spring Equinox Event  at Cashelkeelty Stone Circle, down Beara way, 19 th March.

''Gift yourself on mothers day.''

The earth is heating up, Mother Gaia is purging, volcanos erupting, earthquakes, mud slides and more. At big times of purging the mother takes souls with her who have a soul contract with her  to leave. It is a time like no other in the history of man kind, a time of huge change in every aspect, emotionally, circumstantially, financially, economically, politically etc. This time of transformation has been part of a twenty six thousand year cycle. There is a light flooding in to this planet which is impacting us through our bodies, minds, our consciousness changing us on a cellular level. This light which is information is activating our sleeping Dna, opening up our senses and hearts in a profound way so that we can sense, see, feel more, come into our true power with compassion for our fellow man, exist as a team on planet earth to love her, commune with nature and help one another to evolve. Yes we have to purge as the light hits our central nervous system.
What  do I mean by purge...release and let go what we absorbed as children and how we have been conditioned. There is a war going on within each and every one of us orchestrated by the Universe so that we can open up our hearts to love our fellow man and work together for the good of all but we have to start this unify within ourselves first and then connect to our loved ones. It is possible to love our brothers and sisters and not like them but have a deep understanding of where they are running their consciousness from when we have a deep understanding of where we run our own consciousness from. Everything starts with ourselves, every change has to begin with me. Those people who trigger us are helping us to evolve, blessings in disguise when we know how to work with the dynamics.

I came to this energy work to heal myself when there was a lot of chaos in my family life and I have found great peace, strength and growth.

I am offering you this Spring Equinox on Mothers day coincidentally, an opportunity to gain more peace in your life by mothering yourself [whether you are a man or woman]. This is a chance to let go of a grudge, start afresh within a new relationship, deepen the bonds of an existing relationships, spring into action on a project, a new beginning. This is an opportunity to resolve inner conflict within yourself which will create positive life circumstances. As we tip away at the inner work life gets easier, struggles lessen, worrying issues resolve with more ease, things don't seem as bad because you know there is a higher order in charge which is looking after you and has your best interest at heart.

Come with us [ another Nora is coming also] down to Cashelkeelty stone Circles down Beara way on the powerful Spring Equinox.
Be immersed in healing vibrations the minute you get out of the car in the secluded car park tucked away on the winding Beara road. The elemental energy on the narrow path through the tall evergreens, past moss carpeted rocks and tangled Rhododendron branches is pure magic, food and pure nourishment for the soul. Stopping for a while up the narrow stone steps beside the mini waterfall shadowed over by the towering evergreens, closing your eyes and just listening to the sound of the water crashing down through the rocks and absorb the emotional healing frequencies of water allowing nature do it's thing.  Every step to the stone circles is transformation on the inside. The peace of this sacred place creating change within your mind, body and consciousness.
To not speak for a while, honoring the sheer beauty of this natural paradise, a reward will be given.....deep comforting peace from Mother Gaia. 
Out of the wood onto the medieval road into a cauldron of crystalline boulders looking down on you keeping you safe as the pilgrim you are, wrapped in the arms of the mother as tiny little streams of clean, clear water trickles down the mountain side, soothing your soul.  
The stone circles at the top over looking the jagged, watery coastline down below, a sight to remember.
Partake there in the middle of the stones in a healing ceremony of meditation, alchemy, intent and sacred ritual assisting you to connect on a deeper level to yourself, loved ones and natures treasure.
Turn up for yourself, just be with the group in a portal of energy to create transformation somewhere in your life, moving past an obstacle which has been holding you back.
The energy does the work, there is true power in unity.
Now is a time for change like no other.

Cost €60.

Not to worry if you cannot attend in person I will call your energy into the circle in my templated space and run a full Transference Healing session on the group. You will be present energetically on the day in the middle of the stones. You will receive in your inbox two recordings, the reading of the group healing and a meditation to help you embody the healing.

Ceremony starting at 11 am and completing at 12.30 approx.
Yes it is a bit of a climb  [ 30 minutes the sign says ] but we will take our lovely time after meeting in the car park at 10 am. Trust me it is well worth it.
Please wear walking boots as the ground is uneven and suitable clothing.
Bring a little food as it is hungry work or have a meal in Kenmare afterwards which is 30 minutes away.
Email to book or if you would like more information
How to pay...With Paypal or Bank Transfer..Kind Regards.

St. Valentines day Special,14 th Feb.

As Tina Turner song says...What's love got to do with it.....I say...It's got everything to do with it.

It's hard to know the true story about St, Valentine but I feel that it doesn't really matter as it is all about perception and intent. It is big business, cards, gifts, meals out and much more, a romantic display of love for another.
Thinking back on my teenage years and the excitement of getting a Valentines card from an unknown admirer, hear thumping inside my chest trying to figure out who sent it. I don't remember who sent those cards but I do remember the excitement of getting them.
But I believe that it is very important to recognise this day as giving love to yourself, a bunch of flowers, a lovely meal delivered to your door, candles lit, a scented bath, whatever makes you feel good. If you are a man go and buy that lovely warm coat you have been promising your self for ages or that fishing gear that you have your eye on for ever. Don't wait for someone else to put you first, do it for yourself, teach others how to treat you. 
There are so many types of love, romantic love, self love, unconditional love, neighbourly love etc. Maybe we will get the opportunity to be extra kind to a loved one or stranger, a smile could brighten up a person's day to no end. 
No matter what way we look at St. Valentines day it creates a lovely warm feeling and brings us into our hearts a little bit more and that is worth everything.

My Offering of love and heart felt thanks to you.
For this St. Valentines Day I will include you in a  Group Healing and Alchemy Meditation to pull in the love vibration to help heal relationships, go into a deeper chamber of our hearts to be more open to love.

Recordings sent to your inbox Special.. reduced rate of €25...Normally €45.

A gesture of thanks for participating in my Events, Workshops, Meditations, taking the time to read my emails, Facebook and Instagram posts.

I also divined a few cards for our Group Healing.
Wolf.. Connect to your loved ones in a deeper way.
Hare..Letting go of the fear of intimacy, being vulnerable and more open to love.
Lion.. Believing in yourself, empowerment, self love.

How to pay..With PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Happy Valentines Day.
Goddess Brigid's Event....Letting Go.
1 st February.

A group of us visited St. Brigid's holy well, just outside Kildare town last November. It was a cool, crisp, bright, windy day. There was a new pathway being laid at the well and the barrier which said ..Keep out..... didn't deter us from entering. The energy was heavy there and not surprising, a lot of grief and pain lingered there after the last two and a half years.
I walked over and stood beside the flowing waters, just gazing into Goddess Brigid's well. I got a vision of myself speaking from a pulpit and saying that we have to let go of the grief. I though to myself ... no way I am not doing that. Afterwards it came to me that the pulpit represented a platform, face book page, emails, a place to speak my truth. Phew thank God for that.....
As the pieces of the message came through it was apparent to me that we have been unknowingly  conditioned to hold on to our pain, our grief. It felt like we were never given direction on how really to let our grief go. We hold on to our loved ones when they want to pass, we hold on to them when they have passed. Some of us hold on to our children not allowing them to live freely, not realising that we are disempowering them with our fearful thoughts and lack of faith in them and their journey, all in the name of love.

Join me at St. Brigid's well on the 1 st Feb in person or in the etheric and we will with intent, through prayer, meditation, sacred ritual, alchemy and the elements change the old programme, release and let go the pain of the past, set our loved ones free, those still with us and those who have gone on. We will invoke Goddess Brigid's blessing, call in our ancestors, the spiritual hierarchy to assist us to release and let go any old ideas or thoughts that have kept us from moving forward, coming from a place of pure love in the knowing that it is now the right time and safe to do so. Goddess Brigid has our very best and truest interest at heart, the spiritual hierarchy will not let us down. It is time to set ourselves free and move on. 

Commencing ceremony at 11 am, finishing 12.30 approx.

How to pay..With PayPal or Bank transfer.

You can also attend as an absentee.

 I can also take you to Goddess Brigid's well in the etheric, call your energy in and you will receive exactly what you need to assist you to release and let go. You will be included in a group healing and sacred Circle of Fire to burn up from the astral what has been released. You will receive in your inbox recordings of Group Healing, Meditation ceremony and Circle of Fire.

Whether you attend in person or as an absentee you will receive the same healing benefits.

Please email/message me to book or if you need more information.

Thank you.
A new beginning like no other.
 March 5 th commencement.
I hope you had a lovely Christmas and you experienced the death of the old into the rebirth of the new with much ease and grace [ which may be still ongoing for some.]

It can be difficult  for some during this emotional time of year as endings play out and new beginnings birth. The year 2023 is different though as things have speeded up, upgraded if you like.  But what do I mean by that ?..since attending  Mystery School last November I realised the energy has changed. I have a sense that things are getting a little easier for us here on planet earth. I feel that we have been wading through treacle for so long to get things done on the ground which has been mirrored in the evolution of our consciousness. Yes it has been difficult for man kind to break through barriers, unseen obstacles, thoughts held in our subconscious minds that have been sabotaging us, preventing us from moving forward in every aspect of our lives. Yes we have gained some ground but from now on we have an opportunity to gain way more and lead more fulfilling lives.
The sense I get is that it is going to be easier going forward. 
Of course we need to know how to navigate the energy to maximise the benefits..
We create our reality by the way we think and this has always been so. Everything that has come into our lives has come in for a very good reason, to learn a valuable lesson. We have called in the lessons, no we didn't call in the specific circumstances to learn the lessons. 
The more we know ourselves on a deeper level the more ease and grace we can have in our lives.

Follow my offerings through the year and pick out what resonated with you and allow me to help you reach into the hidden aspects, release and let go of what you no longer need, those ideas, painful memories that have kept you repeating patterns over and over. Let this year of huge changes create huge change in your reality. The changes in your reality come from the inside, the decluttering happens first on the inside manifesting change on the outside.
I have also been guided to give you the opportunity to be supported over a longer period of time, hold a healing space for participants to heal and grow through teachings, group healings, meditations, rituals over a specific period.
Mother Mary's energy filtered in a while ago and gave me guidance. She is here to support us to connect on a deeper level to ourselves so that we can connect and hold a space for our children and loved ones. She has come in to help us through her healing vibration to teach us how to love ourselves. She has come to assist us to nurture, nourish and become responsible for the impact we  energetically have on others. We will learn how to mother ourselves, love ourselves unconditionally and in turn hold a mothering space for our loved ones to grow freely and become empowered in the knowing that you have faith and trust in their souls journey. Our children, brothers, sisters, loved ones need to know on an energetical level that we have their backs. Our loved ones need to know that we understand it is their souls journey and not ours. Man kind has been conditioned to interfere with others through thoughts and words and a sense that we know best.  Goddess Mother Mary is here to assist you find your own truth from within and not from external sources.  

What I am proposing is to hold participants in a healing space over a period of four weeks starting on 5 th March to 2 nd April.

Starting on the 5 th [ Sunday ] you will receive in your inbox the following recordings.

5 th March.
Gathering in the Temple Meditation....Teaching..Mothering and nurturing the self.
 Full Transference Group Healing session and Meditation.

12 th March.
Teaching..We energetically impact everyone.
Group Beyond Doorways level 1 and 2 healings. [ Light body Work]

19 th March.
Teaching..The Power of the Divine feminine balanced with the Divine masculine in both men and women.
Group Alchemy Meditation.

24 th , 25 th March.
One to One full Transference Healing sessions [ Child of Light healing ran on each individual the previous night to the healing ] Please get in touch to book your individual time slots.

2 nd April.
Closing the Temple and Sacred Circle of Fire Meditation.

Please email/message me to book or if you would like more information.

How to pay.
With PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Email shortly to follow on Goddess Brigid's Event, 1 st Feb. 
I mentioned in a previous email that my prices are going up In February.[ due to my own Mystery School upgrade ]. This price rise has not been included in this offering or for any prepaid healings received in 2022. The price of a full Transference Healing session from start February is €110 and other offerings will also increase accordingly. 

Looking forward to connecting with you this year.