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Group Events 

Bealtaine Activation/Meditation 16 th May.

Join me for the Bealtaine, Flower moon Activation/Meditation during a total lunar eclipse. Get ready for change and let go of emotions and attachments that no longer serve you.

Eclipses are when the sun, moon and earth is aligned, it's the cosmic helping hand a gift from the Universe to help us move on. This is a powerful time to release attachments or blocks, barriers to our worthiness and open ourselves to greater receiving and inspiration.

Beautiful Bealtaine, a Pagan festival half ways between Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice celebrating Spring at it's peak and the coming Summer. A time of flowers blooming, 

leaves bursting forth from their tightly woven buds, pale green baby leaves glistening in the sunlight, birds busily building their nests, a hive of activity as mother earth and nature comes back to life.

We humans as divine God like beings are also given this energetic window to come alive, an opportunity to grow with Gaia and her Cosmic sister.

A little exercise..Write down what you want in detail, leave nothing out and be specific.

When you are happy with what you have written burn the piece of paper and visualise having received what you have asked for. Don't give up if you don't get it straight away. [I have been visualising a vegetable allotment alongside others with a while and it arrived today. yaaaaaaa.]

Come with me into the etheric and embrace Bealtaine, the full moon and eclipse energies all at once, sinking into Mother Gaia. Be transported to the sacred feminine site of Uisneach in Co. Meath and receive here the light codes to help you manifest your desires.

I will call your energy field into my templated space on May 16 th and run a full healing and advanced on the group.

You will receive in your inbox a recording of the reading and the Activation Meditation separately.


How to pay..With PayPal or Bank Transfer.

St Joan of Arc Absentee Group,  Alchemy/Meditation May 30 th.
Find courage and strength the will  to succeed, new possibilities for growth and expansion by participating in this healing  Alchemy Meditation. 
I  will call St Joan of Arc's energy into my templated healing space and invoke her blessings at the absentee group alchemy/meditation. Through her intersession and our intent we will become empowered in some area of our lives. 
Maybe a struggle will be lessened or you get the strength and courage to address a difficult relationship.
 You may finally come to a decision regarding a career or house move or have the tenacity to keep ploughing ahead till you reach your goal.
Possibly find the right words and vibration to say what you need to say coming from your heart so that you will be seen and heard for who you truly are. 
I will call your energy into my templated space and create the meditation  for the group and record it. You will receive the recording in your inbox on the 30 th May.

Email me to book or if you would like more information.

How to pay..With PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Strawberry Super moon Group Healing and Activation Meditation, June 14 th.
It's hard to believe that another full moon is so close. Every full moon brings us a unique opportunity to move forward and this one is no different. This is also a super moon, meaning it's proximity to the earth is very significant, appearing bigger in the sky, gravitational forces are stronger and manifestation is magnified. The energies are heightened and an optimum time to start projects, broaden your perspective by traveling or sign up for a course. There is extra support from the Universe at this time, good luck is on your side.
A little caution is also warranted during high energy,
Strong emotions can be triggered.  

With big expansion may come self doubt, do not second guess yourself, believe your intuition.
It is a time to embrace and strengthen the divine feminine by balancing logic/over thinking with intuition to achieve your goal.

I had a peak at the cards divined for the Group healing and they fit in so well with the energies of the Strawberry super moon.
Gnome is saying that there is a deep purification going on now and to connect to the earth and  her animals to recoup as you may be feeling depleted .
Horse is about freedom and power, being freed up from a burden that you have been carrying, like a huge sense of responsibility towards a person or an old outdated idea that has kept you from moving forward.
Salamander has come through with the fire element to help restore your energies and lift your spirits so all can be overcome. Fire element is about creating desires and dreams and being more flexible to embrace new opportunities. 
If you would like to participate in this Absentee Group healing and Activation Meditation please get in touch no later than 8 pm on June 14 th.
I will call your energy into my templated space and run a Full Transference Healing and Advanced on the group. I will record the reading of the healing and Activation Meditation and send them to your inbox. You can listen to them as often as you like.

Remember it's the energy that creates the change.

How to Pay..With PayPal or Bank Transfer.


Summer Solstice Event, Hill of Tara, June 19 th.

Who is coming with me to Tara for the Summer Solstice ?.

I remember my first visit to Tara and wanting to lay down and go to sleep the minute I put my feet on the site. Many years later I discovered that the energy of the site was upgrading my blue print and I had been a Gridder in ancient times. Today I feel very different, my energy levels increase dramatically on the site and whilst in ceremony I don't feel cold no matter what time of year it is. The energy is so powerful in beautiful Tara the inauguration site of the high kings of Ireland. 

It's a day of healing in a portal connecting to other worlds and a privilege to be there on the Summer Solstice. 

Through meditation, alchemy, intent and ritual we will connect to ley lines and receive infusions of light from the earth and cosmos to create transformation within our reality.
Do come with an intension.
We will call in Lady Nada, the feminine of Christ Consciousness who is healing the waters of the wells at Tara for healing in our emotions. You will be taken through corridors of light in meditation and you will receive through the Gaia grid exactly what you need to help you move forward in some area of your life. These are very exciting times, times of huge transformation for planet earth and all her inhabitants.
We will receive healing frequencies from other more evolved planets and masters through the grid more easily now as the veils are so thin.
Be open to receiving your own messages.
So I urge you to think clearly about what it is you want to change in your life and offer that thought to the portal and let the energy do the work. 

Starting at 11.30am and finishing at 1 pm. 
We can car pool if possible.
Bring food and a drink as well, it is hungry work  and suitable walking shoes.[ The terrain is undulating and not suitable for high heels.]
 Email/message me to book or if you need more information.


Buck Supermoon Group Healing and Alchemy Meditation. 13 th July.

Join me on the 13 th in the etheric and flow with the tide, utilise this transformative energy to create big changes in your reality, in the way you think, act, feel.

All of us have been running our lives from the outside in, from external forces if you like. But now as the energies of change are accelerating rapidly we are literally being rewired to run our consciousness from the inside out, from our hearts. As fear and density is being released from within us and the outside world we humans are reacting in various ways, some people are going at a faster pace whilst others are so exhausted they can't move. The good news is that it doesn't matter how you are reacting, it only matters that you are in  transition...moving from one state of being to another, becoming a more evolved, aware, awakened you more fully alive, connected on a deeper level to all there is. 

I divined the Peacock card for us from the Animal Magic deck by Alexis Cartwright and it backs up what the energy of the Buck moon is doing for us. Peacock tells me that each individual is very unique and is coming in to their own, being seen for their own gifts. The card also states that we are becoming, more easily, able to express views that maybe be different to others and to follow our hearts, accessing and perfecting talents like creative writing, music, astrology or whatever creativity is uniquely yours. 

You are becoming more authentic, coming from your heart and your outside world is changing for the better to match your inside frequency.

This Group Healing and Alchemy Meditation will help you to embody these changes with more ease and grace, assisting you to be happier, healthier, more fulfilled.

How to Pay..With PayPal or Bank Transfer. 

I will call your energy into my templated space and run a full Transference Healing session and Advanced on the group.
I will then record the healing and Alchemy Meditation and send it to your inbox.

Please email to book or if you would like more information.

Thank you

Autumn Equinox, Activation Meditation, September 22nd

The Equinox a time of equal day and night, a time to retreat and go inward. It is an opportunity to grow and expand in consciousness. As we become silent and rest we are allowing our greater vision to emerge.

I had an AHA moment this week, you know those times when you know something on a deeper level, something you cannot hide from, a reality shift. My awareness and inner knowing of the power of the light that is flooding into this planet has grown. Call it universal light, God light, energy, it doesn't matter it  sustains our life force here on planet earth. Lets call it our source of fuel but now there is more of it.
We have been in a cycle of reincarnation for thousands of years, meeting our families in different roles who have chosen to be with us so that we can grow emotionally and have a more expanded consciousness. This hasn't been very productive for many of us as it was a very slow process of learning because we didn't have enough light. Our upper chakras were not being utilised, not turned on so the light couldn't come in. We have now released enough  fear from the collective through what is playing out on the earth plane at this moment to be able to receive more of this light into our many intricate systems, bodies.

The Light is coded for our expansion so that we can be  happier, healthier, live a life of joy and love with purpose and deeper connection to all there is, free from fear and lack.
Since 1999 especially, we have been getting ready for this flood of awakening light to enter our earth and bodies.
We are so ready for it now. We are able to absorb this Divine feminine light and grow physically/emotionally/mentally/spiritually.
This extra light is also helping us to manifest at a very fast rate. It was the missing link for our manifestation process up to now, we were just in survival mode.

Have you noticed the synchronicities, you think of someone and they ring soon after.
You ask a question in your mind and you have the answer in a few days.
You think of a family member you haven't seen in a while, talk to them in your mind and you get a phone call from them a few days later wanting to meet up.
We are connecting on a a deeper level to ourselves and others.
We are connecting on a stronger level to this healing light.

The fog is disappearing, the veils are lifting from our eyes as we release the fear whether you are aware of it or not. The fear appears in many different guises, exhaustion, anger, pain release, depression, confusion, brain fog, frustration, lethargy, conflict etc. The light codes of change that are flooding in are replacing the fear that has been released and creating positive change.

The message is loud and clear..We create our own reality by the way we think. If we think lack we will get lack. If we think and feel abundance we will manifest abundance. The difference now is that we have to trust in the light, the light is flipping everything from what I can see, diverting storms at the last minute to appointing heart based people to managerial positions, finding the perfect house in the perfect place at the perfect time.
Yes you may say ..that is not what I see.
What we focus on grows.
If you focus on the light, talk to it,  read about it, pray to the beings of light, stay in the light, be with light people, be out in nature, then you will attract more love and light into your life.
If you focus on the news and all the things that appear to be going wrong then you will attract negative people and situations and only see what is wrong.

This light is taking care of everything, the dismantling of old structures and ideas on the outside and the dismantling of old thought patterns, traumas etc. inside of us.

With all this in mind I am offering an Activation Meditation on the 22nd, the Powerful Autumn Equinox to help release a though pattern, ideas embedded in your subconscious mind that has been preventing you from accessing your true power. The light through the healings, meditation is much more powerful now than it used to be. The light is stronger and we are all more open to receive it so that change can happen more rapidly.

Have a think about what you would like to change in your life. 

You will be included in a Free  Absentee Child of Light healing on the 21 st, a Group Transference Healing and activation meditation on the 22 nd. In the meditation we will travel with Merlin and receive a gift, travel through a sacred site to be connected to the light for healing and transformation.
I will record the meditation and reading of the healing and send it to your inbox afterwards. 
Exciting times.

Winter Solstice Event Dec 21 st.

I have a feeling we will be guided as a group to go to Lough Gur Stone Circle, in Grange, Co.Limerick for our Winter Solstice Celebration.
More information to follow.

FREE Absentee Group Healing for Children 16 th May.

Book your children/grandchildren into this Free event, May 16 th.

I am giving back.

This healing is to stabalise and anchor the new sensitive little ones into the earth grid which provides them with the fuel they need to create more peace, motivation and better health.

I will record the healing, any insights that came through and send it to you in an mp3. You will also receive a separate meditation that you and your children/grandchildren can listen to over and over to create peace of mind  and relaxation.