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Ballyhooly Grid Point

Ballyhooly is on the north side of the River Blackwater, near the town of Mallow in County Cork. One legend says that the name of Ballyhooly (from Irish: Baile Atha Hulla: meaning "Ford Of The Apples") has something to do with an ancient ash tree, that stood near the entrance to Convamore Demesne, known as CfiArmCorh.AccA  or “tree of power”.  

The legend says that St Patrick, and a Prince of Munster, met under this tree. St Patrick, in an attempt to convert the prince from paganism, performed several miracles..  One miracle was that the tree whose branches were overhead, the “tree of power”, should bear apple blossoms - which it did, hence the place was called “Blagh uile”, or the blossom of the apple.

There are several churches, and a beautiful original castle close by.  Knowing that both important buildings were often built on ley lines, or mystical lines of force that exist within the earth, called fairy lines or dragon lines, confirms that Ballyhooly sits on powerful ground.  St. Brendan's Well, a Holy well is about a mile from Ballyhooly, of which legend says "There is a holy well, Tobar Breauka, near Ballyhooly, whose waters arc good for headaches and sore eyes....and were several accounts of water cures for many diseases. The well is still visible today , and remind us of the sacred water that is beneath us here in Ballyhooly.

I feel very blessed to live in this location and I can feel the energy of the beautiful Blackwater river flowing a few minutes away, I can sense the vibration of Ballyhooly Castle as I walk by it almost every day. The sense of peace here is amazing.