Nora Creed

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Nora's Location

Nestled under the Galtee Mountains in Southern Ireland creeping into the counties of Limerick and Tipperary, [second highest mountain in Ireland,] is my beautiful new home in the Glen of Aherlow recently christened Tranquility Lodge . 
The mountains appear in Irish folk tales, and the deep corrie lakes of the Galtys were believed to be enchanted. In early Irish literature, the mountains are called [Sliab] Crotta Cliach (the [mountain] humps of Cliú), which was the name of the surrounding territory. As crotta can also mean a celtic harp, the name was interpreted as "mountains of Cliach's harps", and there is a tale of a legendary harper called Cliach playing his harps in the mountains to woo an otherworldly woman who lived in the  summit cairn on Slievenamon.
 After failing, he plays his two harps together, and the hill bursts open and forms a lake. This lake is Lough Muskry, which is named after the Miscavige people that lived in the south of Ireland.The mountain and its deep corrie lakes are associated with various Irish folklore tales regarding Saint Patrick and serpents. In 1975, a 2.1-metre (7 ft) white iron cross was erected on the north edge of Dawson's Table by Tipperary local Ted Kavanagh. The cross is situated a few metres away from the eastern summit cairn and looks into the glen of Aherlow. Bel Dragon.  The Rennes Dindsenchas also relates a further tale of Saint Fursey drowning the dragon in the lake. There is a folk tale of a serpent that was killing livestock on the Galty Mountains being banished by Saint Patrick and confined to Lake Muskry. Folk tales attribute the banishing of the serpent by Saint Patrick with the subsequent richness of farming in the area.

Legend has it that Galtee mountains has an association with an Egyptian princess Teia Tephi, hence the name Galtee from her name Teia.

Teia Tephi became the queen of Ireland on the 21st of June in 583 B.C. and was later wrongfully deified as a mythical goddess called Bo / Bovinda, which is why over the passage of time she became lost in the realms of myth and fantasy, ceasing to be remembered as the real flesh and blood queen, who came to Ireland from Jerusalem, that she really was. She was, like the Irish people, descended from the Jacob who had his name changed by God to Israel at BethelTeia Tephi then began instituting The Torah, or God’s Laws to Ireland. The Torah is perfectly fair and un-biased, uniting everyone, with no rich or poor, all under one system. Under The Torah, nobody can oppress anyone else by inflicting their own selfish opinion or laws and taxes on them, so nobody can put themselves over others (all men were created equal in the eyes of God)..

A Prophecy, which is the only one in "The Book of Tephi, queen of Tara and Gibraltar" that remains to be fulfilled, is about a time in history when she predicts that she would be recovered from her subterranean tomb on The Hill of Tara, in Co. Meath, Ireland; along with The Ark of The Covenant and once again bring peace and unity to all of Ireland as she had done two and a half thousand years ago; and that Christ would come out of her tomb with her, to be inaugurated King of all of Ireland, on the Stone of Destiny, at Tara, and this time, also bring peace and unity to the whole world.