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Beyond Doorways Book...out of stock.

This  book is very relevant for the changes in our bodies and consciousness that we are experiencing right now. It will support you to let go of old ways of being and see a bigger, brighter, more expanded version of our existence here on earth. It will support you to release density and fear. 

Chapter 4 [self help techniques for healing] gives short, simple, practical procedures the you can run on yourself and your family to reduce stress and feel more at ease no matter what is playing out. 
Not to worry if you become altered and fall asleep after reading a few pages or have no idea what you have read. This is pretty normal when reading high vibrational texts, the information is re templating at a subconscious level and creating change for the better.ion a cellular level.
Cost €62 Price includes postage and packaging to Ireland.]

Animal Magic Deck and Book.

Choosing one or three cards from the Animal Magic deck will give you a very accurate reading of why you are feeling the way you are feeling and what caused it. We are in a vital time of transition or shift from the a third to a fifth dimensional consciousness and reality. We are not just physical in nature but complex multidimensional energetic beings. The animal, elemental or mythical being and their energetic qualities provide a powerful transference effect on the body consciousness and reality. Each reading will gently enhance 

Cost..€76 Includes posting and packaging to Ireland.

Child of Light Meditations and Affirmations plus Cards.

For the parent who would like to do meditations with your children.
Allow your child to pick a card and find the meditation relevant to the card in the book. As you read the short simple meditations you will be creating change within yourself and your child.

The Horse meditation will support your child to release feelings of anger and frustration as well as the need to rebel allowing a peaceful night sleep to follow.
The Temple meditation will support you and your little one to clear feelings of loss which can cause irritation and overwhelm. It helps release anxiety and concern for family, loved one and the world at large.
The meditations are as good for parents as they are for children.
Cost.€51 price includes postage and packaging in Ireland.

Child of Light Meditation's CD

This cd has 7 meditations narrated by Alexis Cartwright's. Listen to these with your children, they vary in length from 10 to 20 minutes and be open to change. These meditations are as good for adults as they are for children.

Your children will have a better night's sleep, not be afraid of the dark and gain confidence.

The energy of the meditations create calm and relaxation especially for children with a diagnosis. Leave it on in the background, down low and the frequency will go wherever needed to assist all children, physically/emotionally.

Cost €26 Price includes postage and packaging to Ireland.


 Cosmic Christ spray.

Featuring the fresh scent of frankincense, patchouli, sandalwood on a Rosewater base, this purification mist awakens a deeper connection to the Cosmic Christ.

Lady Nada spray

This beautiful Lady Nada spray awakens a deeper connection to her, she holds the feminine ray of Christ. Its properties stimulate healing in your personal relationships, and open your awareness to the hidden kingdoms of nature, including the Fairy and Angelic Realms. Through her support, you will stimulate emotional healing that awakens deeper chambers of the heart chakra.

Mary Magdalene spray.

It awakens the psyche to the ancient mysteries and higher realms overseen by pagan goddesses awakening a deeper connection to the energies of  the Ascended Master, opening of the third eye chakra, and enhancing psychic awakening. This spray also works with the kundalini and creates a sense spiritual inspiration.

Dragon Power spray.

Pulling in the energies of Lord Merlin for empowerment. The Dragon Power lineage of ancient times was held by Moses when he parted the waters and Jesus when he walked on water.

Child of Light Spray.

Especially for the children to create calm, centering and relaxation.

I remember when my grand daughter was younger and reciting a meditation to her at bed time. I asked her in the morning did she enjoy the meditation...she replied...I didn't hear any of it Nanny you knocked me out with the spray. 

Cost..€49  Includes posting and packaging to Ireland.

Sacred God oils.
Christ Consciousness and Lord Merlin God Oils can be used as a perfume by men and women pulling in the healing powers of both masters. With intent you can connect to these masters in sacred ritual or when seeking direction or healing. The Master Merlin sacred ritual oil awakens a deeper connection to the energies of Merlin, a powerful Magician or Magi and High Priest of the Druidic Order. This oil will support you to surrender the ego to divine forces, so you can experience the mysteries. 

  Cosmic Christ 0il awaken a deeper connection to the energies of the Cosmic Christ, the resurrected Christ body of Jesus. The Cosmic Christ sacred oil supports your connection to his illumination, which resonates on a seventh dimensional frequency. It opens you up to absorb the divine vibration into your being, balances the mind, body and soul, enabling fear and pain to transmute from your body, consciousness and reality.

Cost..€55 Includes posting and packaging to Ireland.

Millenium Prayer.
Reciting this prayer regularly will help you to release grief and fear pulling in the energy of Goddess Mother Mary to nurture and hold you. 
With intent, slowly recite the words and pausing to meditate on the content the energy will help you release an aspect that you no longer need bringing joy and contentment in to your life.

Cost..€29 Includes posting and packaging to Ireland.

A 3 card mini spread from the Animal Magic Deck by Alexis Cartwright.

Giving clarity and accurate guidance into why you may be feeling the way you are feeling and a rough map to point a way forward, releasing unease and allowing flow into your life.
Cost €55 for 30 minutes reading by phone followed by an mp3 to support.

Alchemy Healing through meditation.

I will divine 5 alchemy symbols from 28 specific to you, guided by spirit and create a meditation that you can listen to in your own time. It will help release tension from your body and worry from your inner mind creating peace and calm and a feeling of renewal. 
I have found that after working on myself with the Alchemy stones the  fear I was feeling diminished so much that I realised it was totally irrational but very real at the time. After the meditation very often, a solution is revealed. We sabotage ourselves unknowingly. 
Testimonial '' I felt so tired and unmotivated till I lay down and listened to the Alchemy meditation. After 25 minutes  I felt refreshed and alive ready to take on the day. It was like a weight had lifted from me. '' 

Recording posted to your inbox which you can download and listen to it over and over. 
Cost €55.