Nora Creed

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What is Transference Healing®?

Why Choose To Have A Healing?

At this moment on earth, all human beings are evolving.  We are all ascending, we are changing whether we are aware of it or not.  This shift is in our body, our minds and our consciousness. We are being forced to look at ourselves, the way we honour and love ourselves and our beautiful planet. The truth is, we on earth are part of a huge cosmic ascension, that is not only effecting us as humans, but is effecting every living entity on our planet.

As we clear old negative beliefs, baggage inherited from our ancestors  we integrate light, we become lighter in our minds and body, and at times we’re having light body symptoms.  These are brief, unexplained illnesses that come about as part of our process of integrating light. 

You may have some of these yourself, for example: de ja vu symptoms, sometimes irrational emotional changes, headaches not alleviated by pain killers, depression, lethargy, inflammation, aching bones
and joints, dizziness, ringing in the ears, co-ordination imbalances, mood swings, bouts of short term depression, strange skin irritations etc
We can with time, dedication and energy healing learn how to pull in what we need from the earth and the cosmos to heal any unease in our mind and body.  As we are all made from earth and cosmic frequencies, we can be healed by them.

How Can Transference Healing® Help?

We are not just physical beings.  Aside from the physical, we are made up of many layers, emotional, mental and the layers that most of us humans cannot see with our restricted vision.  We call these multidimensional layers. 

Illness, dis-ease, addictions, distortions of all sorts cannot be dealt with satisfactorily on the mental, emotional or physical planes, we need to be able to get into these multidimensional layers within us, to get to the root cause of the problems.  The cause is most often emotional based, and can generally be passed down along the genetic line.

It is within our multidimensional layer that lie our distortions.  Our genetic weaknesses, our conditioning, our low self worth etc, and these conditions are the eventual cause of our physical, mental and emotional pain.

By working on these layers using the energy of Transference Healing® we are able to take out that which has held us back and no longer serves us.  The childhood traumas, (and they don’t have to be very big) that keep us stuck;  the fear that we all hold that we are not aware of. 

As we consistently work on these etheric layers and remove the density, our consciousness opens and expands.  We see things more clearly and we become more at ease, the weight is lifted, more light filters into our physical body boosting our health and wellness, our immune systems, right down to our glandular systems.  Our heart opens more, and  everything can eventually improve.

 I was asked recently was I doing some sort of postural exercises, and was told that i was walking differently, carrying myself with more ease, with a more erect stance.  I believe that by consistently working on myself from within,  by letting go of the fear and stress, my heart has opened more, and my body has relaxed into a more naturally erect posture. 

When we become more at ease within ourselves, everything on the outside calms and eases accordingly.  Things become “un-stuck” our career, relationships, finances etc. 

When we go with the flow of life and not against it, we will find the answers are there within us, but we need to learn to listen.  We can become self healers and know in the moment what is right for us.

Through the teachings and procedures of Transference Healing® as adults and children, we learn to love ourselves more, be kind to ourselves . 

It releases the thought patterns deep in the subconscious that drives us to work too hard, berate ourselves for not being good enough. 

It teaches us how to truly rest, it instills peace, faith, gentleness, hope and joy.

Healing Guidelines

As a general guideline, receiving Transference Healing® once a month will help you evolve with more ease, and allow more light to come into your body and energy fields thus lifting you into higher frequencies and higher consciousness. 

Whilst receiving Transference Healing® sessions, issues will come to the surface and these can be addressed.  Awareness is one of the keys, we first of all have to look at what is going on in our lives, this is not always easy and not everyone is ready to look. 

I have found its best to work at our own pace. This process cannot be rushed, changing a pattern can only be done when we are ready, and we are all different.  

Why is Frequency Healing Now Necessary?

Transference Healing® is unique in that it weaves frequencies in from nature, the earths elements:  like the plants, the trees, the crystals, the sand, the rock. It also weaves in frequencies from the cosmic realms:    the stars, stellar gateways, both electromagnetic and magnetic properties as well.  It also opens a space to allow frequencies to weave in directly from the Higher Beings of Light.  There is a complicated technology encoded within Transference Healing® which hasn't been on the planet for 12,000 years. This technology in the form of light which is information changes us right down to our very cells. Through this frequency healing we evolve from an Adam body to a more expanded Adam Kadmon body of light with a higher consciousness, love in our hearts and more humanitarian. The numbness dissolves and we feel on a deeper  level by letting go of the fear in all it's guises. Love grows as the fear dissolves.

As we open up to channel the  multi dimensional Transference Healing® frequencies, through a healing, we are able to heal and clear on this multi dimensional level – all levels at once, in a divinely orchestrated way and our light body comes into manifestation. We are then able to hold more light and this eventually opens up our gifts and talents, creates better health and overall wellness.

We are evolving, we are changing in our makeup whether we like it or not.  On the outside, that which is no longer in integrity is falling down around us.  Externally we see this in the banking and economic systems, we see freedom of speech being upheld. Whatever is happening on the outside is also happening on the inside within us, individually.  We are clearing our own distortions and coming into integrity with our soul.  This is why we need a frequency healing modality such as Transference Healing® to support us, to help us to truly purify alchemically, to let go the old patterns internally and support us to maintain balance.  


What is the Lightbody?

Our lightbody is a higher frequency body of light that is within us. Up untill 2012 it had laid dormant within many of us, and only came in at the point of death.  All humans have a lightbody  and all of us are now  going through a process of manifesting higher frequencies of it whilst we are living. How we do this is by releasing density, letting go old patterns, childhood traumas, any thoughts or old genetic ideas that no longer serve us. As we let go more light comes into our body and consciousness.  This light sustains higher frequencies of elements and light on a sub atomic level.  Transference Healing® supports a genetic clearing and recoding of the DNA, clears distortions and so that one can sustain more emotional and physical wellness to enhance personal and spiritual growth, experience more love and peace in our lives, less fear and more abundance.