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Dragon Power Workshop.

In this one day workshop you will learn how to protect yourself from direct psychic attack and counteract negative feelings in both  yourself and others. When you hold your light with Dragon Power you learn how to stay true to yourself without succumbing to the negative projections or the emotional needs of others. It will prevent you from leaking energy to others while at the same time revitalising your body.

Tapping into your dragon energy will enable you to avoid energetic powerplays which depletes your energy centre. 

When we are energetically depleted we become deficient in electromagnetic light which then depletes our cellular and glandular system, our etheric body then becomes weakened and we are no longer able to counteract disease. 

Bit by bit as you practise the Dragon Power procedure you will connect more effectively to the Dragon line in the earth and pull up the electromagnetic light into your body and auric field to revitalise and protect yourself on all levels. You will learn how to harness the disempowerment and turn it into a more empowered you, holding your light no matter what is happening around you.


Time..9.30 to 5.30   Attendance in person, July 24 th.

Spaces limited due to restrictions.

Pagan Goddess, Mother Mary Purification Workshop
Embody the attributes of this powerful Goddess
On a date to be decided, we will through a sacred purification ritual, meditation and intent  release a portion of the inner child pain, genetic pain, possibly collective pain, remnants from the lost  Divine feminine aspect of ourselves.
Mother Mary holds  pure energy, untainted by karma, genetic baggage, a clear vessel, a virgin  helping us let go of what we no longer need. Our masculine energy brought into balance with our  feminine energy.
Allow the nurturing, intuitive, sensitive - soft but strong powerful aspects to be birthed once again within you. Bathe in this beautiful vibration for the duration as the masks begin to disappear and our vulnerable side emerges.
Our true power is our innocence, vulnerability like that of a child. It is clean, raw, untainted truth. As we heal our mothering relationship with ourselves, our own mothers we connect more to the healing power of nature, Goddess Gaia.
''The meek shall inherit the Earth '' I wonder is this the meaning ?.
Time..9.30 to 5 pm.
How to pay..With PayPal, bank transfer.
Date of workshop in Ballyhooly - Wed 8 th Sep.
A deposit of €20 paid by 7 th Sep.............    Booking essential as spaces are limited.
The remaining €80 can be paid on the day, prior to commencement of workshop.
Next date.. Sep 8 th.

Child of Light Workshop

The children of the nineties are different to us older beings, they have come to earth with a different template, they are more evolved. These little ones senses are more open than ours but they need our help and understanding to stay in balance physically and emotionally. Their sensitivity to their environments and the people they interact with can cause them to become unwell, the children absorb energy from their environments, good and not so good, they  process it through their bodies.

This Child of Light workshop will give you a short, simple, energetic procedure that you can run on your child when they are out of sorts, physically or emotionally.   It will help clear their energy field allowing them to let go of the frustration, anxiety, sadness, the physical pain, hyperactivity, overwhelm etc. and bring back the smile to their lovely innocent faces. This procedure was channeled onto the planet  by Alexis Cartwright for the children of today. It has an element in it, an ingredient that they need. The procedure plugs them into a fuel source that strengthens their electromagnetic field, the 5D Grid which builds their immune system allowing them to remain healthy, happy and contented but also helps them to open up more to the magic and mysteries of the universe.

You can also run this energy on yourself, family, friends to heal inner child pain. Our un felt emotional responses as a child, trapped in our  subconscious governs the way our lives flow and sometimes keep us repeating old negative patterns over and over. This procedure will help bring these old emotions to the surface so that you can feel and release them allowing change to happen in the inside which will create positive change on the outside, circumstantial change. We become healthier, happier more prosperous as we release the old baggage.

Included in the Price of €500. 
  • Full Days Training
  • Workshop Manual
  • 2 x Workshop Templates
  • Clear Quartz Platonic Solids 
  • Seperate Clear Quartz Crystal 
Next date in Ballyhooly Oct 2 nd.  

Beyond Doorways Workshop Level 1

After completing this workshop you will have a procedure that you can run on yourself, your family, friends, to bring you back into balance, physically or emotionally.

After you are comfortable with this healing process, it will only take 20 minutes to

run a Beyond Doorways healing. It is advisable to run this healing when you are feeling lightbody symptoms manifesting, are depleted or unwell, or are experiencing difficult circumstances in your reality

Healing will support you and the changes within your reality, Because we have anchored into the fifth dimension, we are now able to assimilate change at a more rapid rate. Initially you may find yourself performing a Beyond Doorways healing anywhere up to three times a week. As pressure releases and symptoms disappear the regularity of your healings may decrease. To maintain wellness, it is advised that this healing is run once or twice a week.

I run this, short, simple procedure at least twice in the week , I feel more energized afterwards, motivated, I can think clearly and my day is more productive. If your child is any way out of sorts run this procedure and something will be released to create change for the better.

Included in the Price of €500.
  • Full Days Training
  • Workshop Manual
  • Work Template
  • Vogel Crystal Wand.
  • 15 x Vibrational Essences
Next Date in Ballyhooly - Nov 13 th.

Beyond Doorways Workshop Level 2.

This workshop enables you to work with Mystery School knowledge and teachings. This is lightbody technology that involves crystal skull, gridding and templating work as well as Lemurian and Atlantean teachings.

This level explores the technology of matter and light and would appeal more to Transference Healing graduates or those who regularly attend trance channeling sessions with Alexis Cartwright . It works with alternate chapters to level 1 and teaches procedures that are not in the Beyond Doorways book.

Included in the price of €500.

  • Full Days training
  • Workshop manual
  • 2 clear quartz wands
  • Lemurian time line wand
  • Small crystal skull
A Crystal Star Gate gridding kit, including 1 full color template, 9 gridding crystals, 2 platonic solid crystals and a herkimer diamond, all presented in a beautiful velvet workshop bag,[ gridding crystals are only available to those who attend the workshop.]

Next date in Ballyhooly - Nov 14 th. 


Animal Magic Workshop

As part of this workshop you will receive a deck of cards which will give you accurate daily guidance and understanding as you navigate through life's ups and downs. These cards are for the now allowing you to pull in from the Earth, the cosmos, the elemental, animal, mythical kingdoms whatever energy you need for health, wellness and flow. If you connect and work with their energy they will work for you. It will help you to understand your emotions and how they impact your health, abundance and flow in your life.

You will also be taught an amazing procedure, Circle of fire, [not an actual fire] using specific cards and crystals to change the vibration around a circumstance, a situation, something that is worrying you. When you feel stuck, can't go forward it will let go of the build up of emotions in your astral plane and it will create change, a moving forward motion, a resolution.

Included in the Price of €570.
  • Full Days Training
  • Animal Magic Workshop Manual, Deck of cards and book.
  • Animal Magic Bag
  • Sacred Circle of Fire crystals,
  • Selenite Wand 
  • Sage 
Next Date in Ballyhooly -Sat 28 th Aug. 

Fundamental Training, 3 Day Workshop

Learning how to run this procedure is probably the biggest gift you can give yourself and your family. This energetic procedure will shift the deep stuff, the old patterning, the genetic weaknesses, the rigid thoughts, the numb feeling, the conditioning that you are probably unaware of that keeps you repeating the same patterns over and over again, having the same type relationships, repeated addictive behavior [ over eating, drinking too much, thinking too much, overworking etc.]

By running this procedure on yourself, your family, friends it will release the fear, clear the blocks, reduce the underlying stress that you have probably lived with all your life. You will begin in time to recognize the root cause of your discomfort and embody the change on a cellular level, on an emotional level, on a physical level. Your heart will open up more and you will feel a deeper connection to yourself and others as you consistently run this energy. Life will begin to flow with more ease and abundance will emerge in all areas of your life. You will feel better and it will have very positive effects on everyone around you.

Incorporated into this training are short simple procedures that you can run on yourself when triggered, normally by our nearest and dearest, to clear the emotional distress and come back into balance. 

We have to release the old to allow the new to emerge, to allow more light in, for better health, more happiness, more abundance, more motivation and fulfillment in our every day life.

Transference Healing was channeled onto the planet, 20 years ago as a modality for the future. The future is here now. 

If this energy resonates with you it will create big changes and excitement in your life.

This is a big investment, a big commitment, expect big changes over time.
Included in the Price of €1983.
  • 3 Full Days of Training
  • Practitioner Manual
  • 6 x Full Colour Practitioner Templates and Healing Record Template
  • Practitioner Lightbody Kit of 77 Mother Tincture Vibrational Essences in Handmade Wooden Box
  • Full colour Lightbody Kit Book, inclusive of Colour Photographs That Identify All the Llightbody Crystals
  • Fundamental Training Certificate of Achievement
  • Graduate Presentation CD
Next Date in Ballyhooly -  June 11, 12, 13 th 2021.