Nora Creed

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Transference Healing ®

Transference Healing is a non touch, energy treatment that can help release stress related illnesses from children and adults of all ages.

It can help you change, expand and ascend into who you are meant to be, using powerful alchemy, lightbody and frequency techniques, creating change down to the very cells of your body, leading to.

                                  Emotional expansion                      

                                  Physical adjustment

                                  Spiritual alignment

                                  Circumstantial change.

                                  Heaven on Earth.                                        

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Learn whats involved in a 1 to 1 healing and how it can help you.

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Join in one of Nora's regular or special group event to support you healing and growth

Childrens Healing & Events

Support your child with specially designated
Child of Light meditations and healings

About Nora

Understand more about Nora and her personal journey of healing.


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Free Gift Meditation

I am sharing with all my new subscribers, one of my frequency healing meditations.  This one can help to bring a sense of deep relaxation, connectedness and calm at this time.
Now more than ever, we need out hearts and spirits to guide us and lead the way on our journey.  This meditation help us to stop, let go and find our way again once more.
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