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Hello. I am Nora

I moved house from Ballyhooly in North Cork to the beautiful, scenic Glen of Aherlow in Co. Tipperary, a week before Christmas  in 2021. The Christ grid here is amazing, so powerful. Not far away through one of the many walking paths in the woods is a life size,  white, Christ the King statue overlooking the valley of the Glen of Aherlow. The statue towers majestically over the Glen on a sharp hair pen bend protecting the land and inhabitants down below. It's a sight to behold and is one of the destinations on a meditative walk,  part of a day of peace,  rest, recreation I am offering from my templated space, Tranquility Lodge. This day is for you to get away from it all and just relax, see the beauty, feel the calmness, absorb the tranquility of the elemental energy that permeates the land. Partake in  meditation and healing ritual to ground and stabalise, go home feeling refreshed and ready for whatever life brings your way.

 Christ the King Statue

The statue originally erected by voluntary labour during the holy year of 1950. It became known far and wide as the symbol of the Glen of Aherlow. It depicts the hand of Christ raised ''in blessing the Glen'' it's people and all those who pass by. Christ the King statue has been nationally known since it was erected to give the visitor a panoramic view of the Glen of Aherlow and the majestic Galtee Mountains [ second highest in Ireland ]  towering overhead. 

Seeing is believing.

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Peace in the Glen at Tranquility Lodge

Life can be come stressful at times and we all need time to recoup, take stock, slow down and just be so that we can think clearly. Take time out for yourself and absorb the peace of the elemental Glen of Aherlow from my templated space. Its a day just for you in a small group where you can absorb the energy of the mountains and the trees, the gorse surrounding my lodge. Nature and wild life at your finger tips to help restore what has been lost in the hustle bustle of a busy life. Go home with memories of what you explored during your day both inside and outside, everlasting memories of pure peace and awe at the beauty that surrounds my space. 

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